The knights gratitude

I’ve been wanting to try and be a bit more creative, in fact I’ve been wanting to be creative for my whole life.  In particular, arts and crafts.  To be able to make things for myself, my house and others. But the fact is i’m just not that sort of person.  Regardless of that I set out to create some dressing up outfits for the boys.  I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to learn to use a sewing machine, give me satisfaction in creating something and be good fun for the boys. I chose to make knight outfits.  They love playing knights, but all they have is a sword each and one shield.  The outfits I made were tabards and hoods.  They took quite a long time, the tabards were hand stitched, the hoods were done on a sewing machine, which I’d recently used but completely forgotten how it worked. When at last they were done, I was so excited about showing the boys I could hardly sleep!  The next morning I showed them, they looked pleased, in a silent sort of way and decided they’d try them on later.

Imaginary sword fighting scenes in the lounge

This was about 4 weeks ago, they’ve since worn them approximately twice. I felt quite sad inside, I really wished they would find them fun and could show a little more gratitude for all my hard work.  I’ve tried tempting them to wear the outfits with promises of swords fights in the garden and in the woods.  The Fireman told me ‘Sometimes I like to wear them…..and sometimes…..I just don’t’  you can’t be more honest than that.

The boys being knights this morning, turns out all you need to wear is a box on your head.

Maybe they will wear them one day, The Fireman did say he wanted to dress as a knight for our Halloween party on Friday, hmmm we’ll see. I’ll still try making other things in future, but smaller less ‘dressing up’ projects and more ‘props’, such as superhero masks or a pirate eyepatch.  So gratitude is something you learn with age, but for now i’m just happy for them to be honest, sometimes it hurts but I know they still love me, knight costumes or not.