The family friendly veggie weekly

It’s all about the pie

For a while now I’ve been thinking we should eat less meat and more vegetarian meals.  Almost all of our meals are freshly cooked, so I’m not worried we are eating unhealthily, but I’ve reading and hearing many different reason to eat less meat.  I guess my reasons are.

1) I’d like our boys to grow up not being the ‘I need meat on my plate to call it a meal’ type of people.  I’d also like them to have had the opportunity to try lots of different foods and so they then have the option to become vegetarian if they wish.

2) It can be less fattening (dependant on cheese quantities).

3) Majority of time it is cheaper.

4) Undoubtedly it is more healthy.  I’m no expert, but there is reason to believe that eating lots of red meat can increase your risk of cancer. Need any other reason to reduce your red meat intake?

About 5 years ago The Cyclist and I stopped being vegetarians, knowing that at some point in the near future we’d like to have children and both decided we’d prefer to bring our children up eating vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. I was a veggie for 10 years, The Cyclist for 15 years.  I was a veggie because I could not face my step mothers roast beef,  The Cyclist for more profound reasons, such as animal welfare.

Anyway, it has been very easy to slip into a meat eating family so now I’m making the effort to cook more vegetarian meals.  To help me achieve my goal, I thought I’d make a weekly post out of it, maybe it could be useful for other families out there and would put pressure on me to actually do it.

Our boys are very good eaters and fortunately show little fuss with their food, if I choose to make sensible meals.  For example spaghetti bolognese, pasta and sauce or risotto, no problems.  They even like moules mariniere, shell on garlic prawns and curry (not too spicy).  But they wouldn’t be so keen on a big plate of lettuce-y salad, or too many raw vegetables.  I think this is reasonable for a 3 and 2 year old.  So my veggie meals need to be well thought out, enough to push them with their tastes, but not to push them too much they become totally grossed out by it.

I’ll aim to make a list of what I plan to cook over the following week, then report back with what I actually cooked how it went.

So over the last week I can only actually remember one veggie meal, although i’m sure there were more, must try harder!

Meal 1 – Vegetable pie.

A selection of vegetables, sweetcorn, carrots, broccoli, onion, garlic – sauteed. Stirred into a basic bechamel sauce with a large chunk of very matured looking stilton! Topped with a rich shortcrust pastry.

Served with…

Roast potatoes and green beans


Very tasty, not strong at all from the stilton, just a nice nutty taste.  The boys ate the majority of it. Very strong stilton flavour next day, reported by The Cyclist.

For the following week…

  • Butternut squash risotto
  • Veg and bean hotpot
  • Sweetcorn fritters

Just one last thing…not veggie but I did make these yummy sausage rolls with homemade flaky pastry this week, no porky products next week…promise 🙂