Rucsacs of love

The Cyclist and I had a date last week.  It’s a rare thing when you have children and you certainly make the most of it.  We had both been talking about getting new rucsacs.  Mine had a huge hole in the top and no longer worked at actually containing anything and The Cyclist’s, well that was The cyclist’s.  Now the boys are a bit happier to go out walking, we thought we’d get some decent rucsacs which would last as long as possible. I still need to use mine as a change bag, but one day it’ll be used as a hiking daysack, seems like an age away and I’m happy with that. We tried to look at some rucsacs the other week, it was a disaster.  The boys were hanging off shop shelves, climbing under displays, testing out the walking boot ramp, measuring their feet, etc, etc. We decided we’d have a day together when the boys were at pre-school.  We also decided as we were headed to the Peak District we’d go running together. So a date to buy rucsacs, very romantic, even more romantic was the comment of ‘you’re gonna eat my dirt’ from The Cyclist.  We had a perfect day for a trip to the Peaks, sunny blue skies, nice and crisp. We started with new rucsacs from Outside at Carver.  We both chose Osprey, how sweet! Having used mine for a week, I can honestly say they are brilliant, although I’ve not found use for ice axe loop yet, maybe in the winter…

Froggatt Pinacle

Next stop, Froggatt Edge. Many years ago pre-children, we were up here regularly, busily hunting down exciting new climbs, pottering about on the moors, bivvying under the stars, scoffing veggie burgers at Outside in Hathersage and buying more pieces of shiny climbing gear. I look forward to doing some of those things again when the boys are bigger. That day time was limited, so The Cyclist suggested we aim for 6-7km, up to an hour of running.

A perfect view of the Peak District.

We ran along the top of the gritstone edges, Curbar Edge, across Curbar Gap to Baslow Edge, then dropped down to the front of the edges and ran back along the lower paths.

Very muddy along the lower paths, glad I had my Walsh’s on

Running through Curbar woods was lovely with the sunlight glistening through a mix of beech and oak trees. We scrambled back up onto the top of Froggatt Edge, it reminded me again of our climbing days when a scramble seemed easy peasy, hopping from one boulder to the next, I was so much more nervous that day and it now frightens me at the thought of climbing those vertical edges! We continued our run back along the top of Froggatt again and stumbled upon this little fella.  I’ve never seen an adder before, but knew immediately it was one with it zig-zaggy patterned back, I was very surprised to see how small it was, about 30cm in length and no fatter than my little finger, it was amazing to see. We left it in peace as it seemed to be making a lot of hissing noises. I ate dirt all the way back to the car, but didn’t mind because I got to feast on this back at Outside in Calver.

Now that’s what i’m talking about!! Chilli filled yorkshire pudding!

I’ve never eaten so quickly in my life, starving but also conscious of the time and that we needed to get back for the boys. Do you think we ran 6-7km’s?  No we ran 10.5km.  For the most intelligent person I know, he really isn’t very good at maths 😉 It was fun, we said we’d do it again soon. I loved eating dirt.