To Holly cat

About seven years ago we re-homed a cat named Holly.  She was a very timid and large fluffy black cat, I think she was about 10 years old at the time.  She was set in her strange little ways and liked to keep herself away from noise and commotion.  She was unique in her appearance, her tail curled backwards, like a pig’s tail.

She liked to watch us work – head of quality control

Her tummy was very saggy, like she’d had kittens, but she hadn’t and would almost sweep the floor as she trotted along.  She would occasionally come and sit on your knee, when she fancied it. Then as she settled in her character changed, she became playful and even liked her tummy rubbing, previously she’d have sunk her teeth into you.

Checking out the new kitchen cupboards

She became angry at us when we left the house and attack our ankles, thank goodness for UGG boots. We loved her so much, but as The Fireman grew older and more mobile, we could see she was not happy.

Her love of inappropriate places to sleep

I struggled to give her any attention and she was getting nervous again and occasionally thrash out. It didn’t seem fair for any of us, so we decided to try and re-home her.  I felt so guilty, especially as she’d been re-homed once already.

Her love of new shoes

Then an offer of a home came from a work colleague, I could not have asked for anything more perfect.  My friend and colleague Heather already had one cat, so we were unsure how Holly would react, we gave it a week and fortunately she settled in well.  It was ideal, Heather gave me regular updates as to how Holly was getting on and I’d visit every so often.  A while later Holly became unwell with thyroid problems and had a fit, which led to her blindness, she battled on and still seemed content two years later. Heather called this morning to say she’d had kidney failure and was unable to stand, so they’d made the decision to have her put to sleep.  I just want to say thank you to Heather and her family for being so kind and giving Holly all the love, care and attention she deserved and thank for being brave in your decision today, we’ll miss Holly x