Help! I’m lost around Donington racetrack!

Remember the day I went running on a new route, got covered in mud, nettle stung repeatedly, got lost and got stuck inside Donington racetrack? Yeah, that was today.  There’s this footpath I’ve been thinking about exploring for a while.

Donington Hall in the distance. Private companies should be banned from buying lovely properties like this or at least let the public walk around the grounds.

The map shows a few woodlands around the back of Donington racetrack and the old Donington Hall which unfortunately you can’t go and look at as it’s owned by BMI.  It looked like it was going to be a long-ish run for me, around 12km, so I used my little OMM hip bag which I bought from The Derby Runner a while back.  I didn’t get on that well with it the first time, but it was much better today, packed with water, banana and Haribo 🙂 The footpath looked nice to start with, but then got a bit muddy, then a little overgrown, the path got re-directed and swampy. Parts of it were nice, the sun was shining at least. Running alongside a 10ft concrete wall was less than appealing. Then I appeared out into a large tarmac area within the racetrack.  I followed the waymarkers until I reached this point…

That’s a footpath?

It was completely impassable, so which way now?? I ran down towards some big entrance gates, they were locked, the fences all along the perimeter were covered in barbed wired.

Exit?? Yes please!

Now i’m not the most rational person at times and my imagination is a little wild, so I start imagining security dogs hunting me down, security shouting get off our land whilst waving rifles, etc. None of that happened fortunately, I headed back parallel with the road I was aiming to run back on and stopped at a security point, he was very friendly and said I was fine running along there, phew! It turned out to be much better route as I managed to avoid the main road, although it made the route 10km instead of 12km, I was happy with that though. I’ve proved today I am neither a long distance or a fast runner, so I shall class myself as a slow, short distance runner, who is often eager to get back home for a large slab of cake.  Overall it’s not a route I’d recommend but at least it’s satisfied my curiosity! I thought I’d better get out for a run today as I’ve got a couple of races lined up.  This Sunday it’s the Golden Gates Gallop, this was my first race last year, I did 5miles in 50mins 40 secs, so should be better this year. The following Sunday I’m running the Shelton Striders 10km. My best 10km time is 53mins, would be nice to be beat this, but I’m not getting my hopes up.