A charity art exhibition and a gingerbread man

It started with an idea between to very dedicated childminders, where their children were inspired by their favourite books, they then created their own books.  This led to them creating their own paintings, then other children got involved and it turned into a fantastic charity fundraising event.  The Children’s Art Exhibition in aid of Mee and Dee.

Using cotton wool to create lily pads

My boys got involved, the idea was to pick a painting that they liked, then try and interpret it in their own style.  The Fireman chose Claude Monet’s Waterlilies, The Farmer had a go at this too, but he wasn’t that interested in it.  The Fireman was a little disinterested too, he likes mixing paints to create different colours, so when I let him do this he was much happier, he also got his fingers in to make fingerprint flowers and cotton wool to print lily pads. I showed The Farmer a picture of Jackson Pollock’s Number 8 and explained we could try splatting some paint at a big piece of paper in the garden, now that was more like it.

Eventually we had a final result from both of them and they seemed satisfied.  At the exhibition each painting was framed with mount board, along with a picture of the original painting and the names, it all looked very professional, all 67!  It was free to enter the boys pictures and £2 per adult to enter the gallery.  It was held at Ted’s Toy Shop last Saturday.  Now I’m not that keen on toy shops, but this one is nice and small and calm, they can order all sorts of toys and also do wishlists, so a much better experience than Toy’s R Us. The fundraising was for Me and Dee.  It is a real heartwarming charity, realising that life can sometimes be shorter than we hope, Me and Dee create special treats for those when time is precious. Their were prizes for each age category and a goody bag for every entry. There was also a raffle, we won a gingerbread man shaped container, the lid didn’t quite fit so I thought i’d try using it to create gingerbread man shaped bread.

Gingerbread man on it’s way to the oven

I made a teacake type dough, loosely based on  Dan Lepard recipe.

Run, run as fast as you can! It’s a monster.

After the exhibition I decided to put their paintings in a frame. They seem very chuffed and it saves me having to do more paintings 😉

A big thank you for inviting us to enter and well done to all those involved, it was a  brilliant idea.