In the mood for something bread-like

Last Monday I was struggling for ideas for entertaining the boys.  Stupidly I’d booked a dentist appointment for the boys at 12pm, never book appointments right in the middle of the day! I was annoyed with myself because I really wanted to take the boys to see the Tour of Britain go through Derby, but you can’t do everything. So after a morning of long showers (all hot water used and near flood in the bathroom), lego building, playdough modelling, pirate swordfighting and quarry making I decided we’d make something bread-like. I mixed up a basic dough and left it to rise for an hour.  Rolled it out into a large rectangle and left it to the boys to decide what to put in the middle.  We chose cinnamon, raisins and chocolate. I’ve mentioned before that I use flour from Shipton Mill, it’s excellent quality and very good value if you buy a big bag.  I posted a photo of the baked bread onto their Facebook page and they suggested I post the recipe onto their website to share with other bakers and I’d receive a voucher for my next purchase.  So I did, 15% off my next order! Here is the recipe.  These are at their best about 30mins after baking with a large cappuccino. If you have any recipes you’d like to share I’m sure Shipton Mill would like to add it to their collection.