The Cycling Fireman

NDCXL - U9's raceThe Fireman is quite a keen cyclist.  He has always liked his bike from the day we bought him a Rothan balance bike from Islabikes. It took him a while to get used to the idea he needed to sit down on the seat, but once he did there was no stopping him.  Islabike - CnocTwo months before his third birthday we bought him the next size Islabike, the CNOC 14. We’d heard how learning to ride a balance bike can make transition to a pedal bike much easier and without the need for stabilisers.  It’s true! The first time he got onto the CNOC he rode it! We were very impressed. He is now two months away from his fourth birthday and still loves cycling.  Without sounding like a boastful mother, he is an excellent rider and I put this down to his determination and the quality of the Islabikes. Whilst Islabikes are quite expensive, they are well worth the money.  I remember having a bike when I was little, now don’t get me wrong I appreciated it an awful lot, but the brakes were really stiff, the pedals huge and with each revolution you’d be almost knee-ing yourself in the chin, not to mention my bike snapped in half whilst riding it…. So in my eyes it’s worth investing in something that is high quality as this directly leads to a higher level of enjoyment for your children.

West Park - Skate Park

At the skate park earlier this year

September is the beginning of the cyclocross season.  The Cyclist started racing in the Notts and Derby Cyclocross League (NDCXL)  four years ago and really loves doing it.  The great thing about the league is they organise races for children too.  So The Fireman has now started his career as The Cycling Fireman.  The first race catergory is the Under 9’s.

NDCXL - Hardwick Hall

First race of the season at Hardwick hall

With The Fireman only being three there is a massive difference in ability, but as I said in my previous post, he still doesn’t really understand the meaning of racing, so he does it for pure fun. His race costs £1 to enter, is seven minutes long and is on a section of the real course.  He loves having a race number on his (racing) t-shirt and of course he loves the goodie bag at the end! He is even keen to wash the mud off his bike when he gets home! So here he is in action along with a few shots of The Cyclist.

NDCXL - Hilton Fields

Quite a bumpy course at Hilton fields

NDCXL - Seniors - Hardwick HallNDCXL - Seniors - Hilton Fields

Post race activities include more riding and climbing trees.

Islabike Rothan

The farmer on his Rothan balance bike

IslabikesTree climbingTree climbingIf you live in the area and think you’re children would like to get involved take a look here for where the next events are and just turn up and sign up for a 12pm start!