Everybody should have a Totoro

I love My Neighbour Totoro, so in turn my boys love Totoro too 🙂 It’s a film by Studio Ghibli which I guess could be described as Japanese Anime.  We started watching Anime films about 5 years ago, the first one being Princess Mononoke.  I wasn’t taken by it at all, I’d never seen animated films like it before, but they began to grow on me.  My Neighbour Totoro is my favourite by far.  It’s such a lovely heartwarming film about  two little girls who move to the country and discover a world of spirits, magic and woodland creatures.  If I could relive my childhood again, this is what i’d wish for! It’s described as a family film, but personally I think everyone should watch it regardless of having children. We love it so much that I decided to paint a picture of Totoro for The Farmer’s bedroom wall.  I painted a cartoon aeroplane for The Fireman the other year too. I studied A’Level art many years ago, it didn’t really teach me anything creative, but it did show me how to copy someone else’s art well 😉So here it is framed and on the wall, it took some time to complete due to lack of motivation on an evening, but The Farmer is pleased.  A few years ago The Cyclist was doing quite a bit of crochet and made a Totoro, so The Farmer was happily carrying that around this morning shouting ‘Totoro on my wall!’ Here’s some other the crochet friends The Cyclist has made, he’s quite nifty with the old crochet hook and often makes them without a pattern, no idea how he does it!