We headed out to north of Derby last weekend, we’d been told about a village country fair in Longford and there were going to be Vikings! The Fireman currently has a number of obsessions, including knights, pirates, firefighters and Vikings.  Before Longford we stopped at the Tara Kadampa Centre for a walk around the grounds and a picnic.  I’ve mentioned this place before, it really is a lovely place and very peaceful.  It looks like their cafe is open again, we didn’t get chance to try it out on this visit.

Big tree, tiny Farmer

The trees in the grounds are huge and the wildlife is plentiful, it’s a great space to let little ones run and free to visit.  After lunch The Fireman was keen to get to the Vikings.  The country fair was nothing special but it was worth it for a chance to see Vikings! The Fireman asked them if they catch dragons, he is very keen on the film ‘How to train your dragon’.

A VERY happy Fireman

A sort of happy Cyclist

The Vikings have obviously made an impression on The Fireman as this morning he was busy making a long boat in the lounge, packing all the things he would need, including The Farmer…