Down at Pottery Beach

We had a fantastic chilled out morning at Pottery Beach.  It’s a temporary beach at Denby Pottery Visitor Centre and free to use, brilliant!  The Fireman has been asking to go to the seaside for so long.  We could go over to Skegness or Mablethorpe for the day, but it’s at least two hours each way and not the most exciting beaches, so this was an alternative.  He was so excited when I told him on our drive there.  Airport Grandma came with us too, she got well into the fun and games.

The Fireman instructing Airport Grandma to run after the ball

You can take your own picnic, which we did. I was very precious with the sandwich box after memories of eating crunchy sand sandwiches, yet it still happened, yuk!

Clicking and firing a ball toy thing, The Farmer thought it was an Olympic torch.

There are lots of beach related things to buy there and the prices are quite good.  Airport Grandma treated the boys to a pirate flag each and they have been great fun to play with since.

A pirate ship appeared in our lounge the other morning, made a nice change to the usual start to the day.

The beach will be there until 9th September and on some days there will be extras like face painting and donkey rides.  Soon we will be going to a real beach, the boys are very excited, I shall be wrapping my sandwiches VERY carefully.