Hot and hilly, Hermitage 10k

It’s never a good time to need a wee when you’re standing on the start line of a 10k race.  That was the scenario for Sunday’s Hermitage 10k organised by the Hermitage Harriers.  I’d not done any research into this race, good job too.  As we were driving through Whitwick I noticed a number of hills.  We started the race at 11am, people were chatting and laughing and talking about the route, then I heard ‘oh yeah, there’s about seven hills’. What?? Knowing it was going to be a tough run made me need a wee even more. Anyway, nothing I could do about it now.  I had moments of feeling great, getting into a really good rhythm, then the next moment I felt like I wanted to go home, right now, then moments of feeling like I really, really, really needed a wee. I saw the sign for drinks and then a sign for tearooms, my mind drifted off into a world of cream teas, lemon drizzle cake and chocolate brownies, I was brought back down to earth by the sight of a pasting table covered in cups of water, can’t complain though, the course was brilliantly marshaled and we had lots of support along the way from residents and passers by. Despite the difficulty of the hills the route was very picturesque with some lovely views.  I came into the finishing field to hear The Farmer screaming with excitement, was just what I needed, well that and the chocolate covered flapjack I received at the end. Finishing time of 56mins.  So not my best but ok considering the hills and the heat.  Next Sunday, Burton 10k.  It is described as undulating and all the hills are in the first 3miles, doesn’t sound too bad. Three miles, hang on, isn’t that half of a 10k?

The boys helping me eat my lunch post-race