Time to say hello to the chickens again

We’ve not been to Betty’s Farm for a few weeks, so we had a trip up there on Tuesday.  We picked Tuesday because they have a farmer’s market which was advertised as ‘new and improved’ with an addition of a bouncy castle and face painting. The boys thought they’d have a bit of that. Also every Tuesday the have a fish man, no he’s not half man, half fish, he’s a man who sells fresh fish.  It was lovely and sunny and we managed to spend over an hour there buying fish (brilliantly priced), bouncing (for free), one face being painted (The Farmer was having ‘NO face painting’), talking to the naughty gurts (goats), saying hello to the rabbits and eating Bluebells ice cream (my favourite).

The not-so naughty gurt

The boys also had a treat from The Wildlife Trust lucky dip, The Farmer won a sticky feet ladybird thing, which he wanted to take to bed that night. Another event to look out for at Betty’s Farm is their 2nd Annual Family Fun Day on the 1st September, they also have a Facebook page which is regularly updated.  Eventually we headed back, I took a scenic route thinking The Farmer might have a snooze.  He showed no sign of tiredness.  I aimed to stop at the playground in Aston-on-Trent.  There’s a nice big playing field and a playground at the back. It was our lucky day because there was an event going on, provided by South Derbyshire Council.  It was called Wacky Sports Mobile with ILG (inflatable laser games).  It was a lovely set up with many families sat out on camping seats and enjoying picnics.  All I had to do was register the boys to get a play pass and off they went.

The Farmer is not sure about the sumo wrestlers, people dressed up freaks him out

They could have a go on anything, for FREE!! It’s aimed at 8 years+ but the boys were fine just exploring all the stuff.  What The Fireman really wanted was to have a go in the ILG.  We had a quick look inside.  It was dark and horribly hot and stuffy, the thought of going in brought on a mini panic attack for me.  He was still keen to go in.  The laser gun was almost as big as him.  I really didn’t want to go in and thought he was too small, but the staff were really happy for him to go in, so Matt went along with him.

No fear

I am so grateful for their help as The Fireman absolutely loved it!

No idea what these were called. The Farmer takes time to ponder about whether his brother’s head will fit nicely into one of the baskets.

The Fireman’s favourite activity, banging sticks on trees

We went and threw some balls around after, then ended up in the trees collecting sticks as usual.

They opt for the running in different directions parental training technique, to keep me on my toes.

A quick go on the playground and it was time to head home.

Feeding the horse hay, The Fireman was not happy with the horse as it had apparently done a poo.

What a lucky find for us and I’ll definitely try and get to another event this summer, have a look here for all events if you’re in the area.