The splashpad at West park

A trip to West Park at Long Eaton this week and The Farmer rode his balance bike for the first time! Previously he’d turned his nose up at it and wanted to ride The Fireman’s bike because it’s bigger and got pedals. He did a great job.  We headed for the splashpad, a new water play that’s just been built this summer. It’s quite a walk/ride  for little legs to the play areas from the car park, so it’s a relief the bikes were being used and not me having to carry them.  The splashpad opens at 10am, so we were just on time.  It was good because there were only three other children there.  I get quite anxious when it gets busy, it’s the same kind of feeling I get when I visit a softplay centre. There were just a couple of jets or squirters on at a time for a minute or two, then they’d stop for about 30secs, all children would stand still in silence, more squirters would start at the other end and they’d all run off squealing with excitement.  It was a warmish day, but still quite chilly when the sun went in.  After 45minutes The Fireman started shivering and wouldn’t really respond to me, so I thought it was probably time to wrap up and get dressed before hypothermia set in. It was a really fun morning out, free to park, free to play, free to catch hypothermia if you wanted, but really it was good fun and there’s a cafe and changing rooms just next to the splashpad. After all this, we got home at 12pm, still another 6 hours of entertainment required *sigh*.