Stop the waste – wibble wobble strawberry jelly

We had some strawberries left over from our trip to Scaddows Farm, I’d already made strawberry fools, Eton Mess and strawberry parfait. This batch was used to make real strawberry jelly.  I think the only jelly I’ve previously made is a sachet of Hartley’s jelly powder, which is ok, until you’ve made your own jelly.

It was a lot simpler than I thought. Basically when using a sachet of gelatin you just need about 600ml of liquid.

For strawberry jelly you need about 700g of strawberries to make about 600ml of juice.  Squish them and push them through a sieve (using two small children is ideal for this task).  Add about 100g of icing sugar, add more or less sugar to your taste.  Dissolve the gelatin in about half a cup of boiling water and then add to the fruit juice.  Leave to set.  I poured it into four ramekins.  When set and it was time to eat them, I stood them in a tray of boiling water for about 20-30 seconds to help unmould, don’t leave them in the water too long, the jelly will dissolve!!

They wobbled like true wibble wobble jellies should, I served them with cream, just because I could and EVERYTHING tastes better with cream.

I will try with other fruits in the future, maybe even just cartons of fruit juice, I think mango could be good. I have heard that certain fruits will stop jelly setting, such as kiwi, pineapple and papaya, so best stay clear of those.