Staunton Harold Reservoir – On your marks…..

I’ve driven past the sign loads of times, but never thought about visiting for some reason. On Sunday we were recovering from a lovely day visiting The Cyclists family over in Chester, we all had a lot of fun playing in the garden, sheltering in the little tent to eat our lunch whilst listening to a thunder storm, taking a walk to the local playground with a group of almost 20 people and seeing almost as many adults as children climbing, swinging and spinning on the playground.  So Sunday we thought we’d have a local trip out to Staunton Harold Reservoir.  We had a picnic which included some leftover cakes i’d made for the previous days visit to Chester.It seems like a really hidden little car park, but is actually quite a big bustling playground with a visitor centre and cafe. It’s another Severn Trent reservoir so all facilities are provided by them. I think it was just £2.50 for parking for the day, so a cheap trip out again. We explored the playground which had a good range of stuff for different ages, then set off around the trails.  There was a mini beach which The Fireman was keen to get onto, as was The Farmer once we’d fetched his wellies.  It seems two year olds really don’t get the idea that if you run through water, you get soaked, turns out wellies were no use.  There were some good trees to climb. A lot of sailing boats to look at, we were sat watching them for quite a while. Then we headed off the main track and into some fields with some young tree plantations, part of the National Forest. Then just headed back through fields to the car park.  Who would’ve thought fields of wheat could be so much fun.  The boys kept running along the tractor tracks. I cannot count the amount of times I have had to say ‘on your marks, get set, GO!’ this past week and running in the wheat was no different, that’s the effects of the Olympic Games for you. Before getting back to the car we did more running races around this tower which was once a windmill.  Back at home we ate ice creams and dealt with tantrums, a day wouldn’t be the same without either.