A piratical olympic day

Friday saw us take another trip to Derby Museum for Pirate Day! There were loads of activities to do, pirate finger puppets, pirate sticker scenes, pirate face painting, pirate eye patches and pirate spyglasses. I don’t think the boys knew what they wanted to do first, but they were very taken by this galleon.

They were also very keen on listening to the story about the latest exhibition.


We didn’t spend too long at the museum compared to other days as the boys were so tired due to a exciting day at Calke Abbey the day before.  So we headed off into town to eat our sandwiches.  We aimed for somewhere near the market place, it’s a good spot as there’s lots of space with no cars.  When we got there we found there were chairs set up for watching the olympics on the big screen, perfect! We made ourselves comfortable and tucked into our usual ham sandwiches.

Ooo BIG moving pictures

After lunch we moved onto the beanbags to chill out.

We meandered around Derby for a little bit longer, then packed up and headed to Darley Park to meet The Fireman’s friend. We arrived a bit early, so made a start on the playground.

It then started to rain, a lot.  We sheltered under the climbing frame, or in our ‘cafe’.

It then got to the stick collecting part of the day. I don’t know how many times i’d told them that if they insisted on bashing trees they should at least choose two different ones.

We spent another two hours moving sticks around, building fairy dens and riding on tree trunk trains, I really was exhausted!