In need of some help?

It’s the school holidays, I’m a little more stressed, a little more tired and a little less motivated to tidy up. So I’ve hired some help.  The two happy chappies came highly recommended for their energy, fun loving and chatty work ethics. There was one warning though, they can get ‘a little bit crazy’.

I set them to work on some of the most needed jobs. Floor mopping.

I think this is what they meant by getting ‘a little a bit crazy’

Vacuuming. Changing the bedclothes.

It’s always good to mess up a neat and freshly made bed, makes it more cosy ready for bedtime.

I had to do a bit of work myself, they are still not qualified/trusted to plug in electrical items or  tip dirty water out of the mop bucket.

I hear they are available most weekdays for the next 3 weeks and I am VERY happy for them to clean your house.