Gone fishing

The weather has not been so good this week, but the thought of staying in is just not pleasant. So we took a trip to Elvaston Castle, we seem to be regulars there at the minute! I took the boys to see the nature reserve, I visited and wrote about the reserve back in May and thought it would be fun to take the boys.The showground at Elvaston was heavily flooded a few weeks ago with all the rain and still has huge areas of standing water, it stinks, like rotting cabbage! We took the quickest route over the showground to the nature reserve with fishing nets at the ready.First of all we found this brilliant tree trunk. It was a very civilised affair, The Farmer made cups of tea and The Fireman cooked up some sausages.

It’s great that the nettles have been allowed to grow up nice and tall as they are an important part of the habitat, but if you have toddlers like mine, they are incapable of staying on a path, even when it’s almost 1m wide, so I kept having to leap in front to re-direct them before they received a face full of nettles.The fairy ring was quite nice, the boys were disappointed, there were no fairies, so we had snacks instead.  A stop at the bird hide meant more snacks and we spotted a giant snail.A quick gathering of cones and we went onward to hunt for a fishing stream. Lots of water flowing through meant we could hear the gurgling of the stream from a distance away.  The Fireman was getting so excited, he was determined to catch a……… tuna fish. Good luck.

The Farmer was getting tired and asking to go back to the car for a sleep, so we headed back.  The rain came down quite heavy and we sheltered in the bird hide again, it was quite cosy and we had more snacks.As we left the reserve The Farmer was obviously tired so I carried him back, he fell asleep with his head perched on my shoulder as we crossed the stinky bog back to the car.  My arms were aching the next day.

I was talking to a friend the other day about how our toddlers like to collect cones and I was hoping they might decorate them for Christmas at some point, this morning I decided they could decorate them now and hang them in the garden. They decorated themselves in the process.

You’ll also find info and be able to share you experiences of Elvaston Castle on The Woodland Trust’s VisitWoods website.

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