Stop the waste biscuits

The Farmer and I made biscuits yesterday afternoon whilst The Fireman watched How to Train Your Dragon. I did a quick search for biscuits with condensed milk as I had half a tin left over from baking a cake.  The Cyclist is now well used to my obsession with using up all ingredients no matter what the recipe states.  Such as the other night we had pasta with smoked salmon in a creamy garlic sauce.  We had carrots that were going a bit soft, so I chopped them up and chucked them in too.  I’ll admit it’s probably not something you’d ever find listed in a recipe book, but it saved on waste. So the same applied with half a tin of condensed milk.  I based our recipe loosely on some I found on the internet, but basically made it up.  Time is limited once I’ve mentioned making biscuits to The Farmer, he was already in the kitchen shouting ‘bowl, bowl, bowl’ before I could get up off the sofa.

So here’s our recipe, I think it was too sweet so I suggest reducing the sugar by at least 50g. Makes about 25-30 biscuits.

200g self raising flour

150g caster sugar

110g butter or margarine

150g condensed milk or enough to make the dough come together

150g of stuff.  E.g raisins, other dried fruit, chopped nuts, oats, choc chips.

We used some oats, raisins, malted wheat flakes (from Shipton Mill) and flaked almonds.

Mix sugar and flour together, then add the butter chopped.  Mix until it forms breadcrumbs. Stir in the fruit and condensed milk until it forms a slightly sticky dough.  Roll into small golf ball size and gently flatten onto a baking tray. Bake for 10mins at 180c.  Leave them to cool on a tray. Then gobble them up with a cup of milk.