Scooting, splashing and aeroparking

Cousin HJ (and my big sister) came to visit us on Thursday.  It was another hot and sunny day, perfect for time in the paddling pool! We first met at the skate park then came home for ham sandwiches (are ham sandwiched every child’s favourite sandwich filling?)It was nice to stay at home for the day as we’ve been out exploring almost every day for the past two weeks.  The boys all got on well and enjoyed splashing. They seemed to enjoy it so much they weren’t bothered about any pudding and didn’t even notice the chocolate on the table until we told them.After splashing, we headed to the Aeropark.  It’s a really exciting place for young children and free for the under 5’s! We’ve been a couple of times before, but there were more aircraft open this day, even I was quite excited about exploring.  It’s the sort of place you could spend a couple of hours and take a picnic, whilst watching the airplanes take off and land at East Midlands Airport.  Once we had explored a helicopter The Fireman assumed we could go on all of them.  Some weren’t open due to health and safety, but we did get to go on the Vulcan, it was amazing! I’m not one for military fighter jets and the like but this was incredible, the size alone is immense.Unfortunately all the aircraft were like greenhouses and after a few I’d had enough.  The Farmer was happy with this tractor type of thing.

We got back, it was so hot and I think we all felt a bit tired.  I asked the boys if they’d like to chill out and watch a DVD. It didn’t last long, soon enough they were back out splashing again.  I’ve got to be pleased though, it saves me having to wash them, until The Farmer takes a pee in the pool that is….