I just try a little bit?

On Monday we visited Scaddows Farm to do some picking our own fruit.  Strawberries was what we decided on.  The pickings were not great unfortunately, I suspect due to the poor weather we’ve had. I’m glad we went early, Monday was a scorcher. There were about 6 cars when we arrived and about 40-50 when we left an hour later.  It was the first day of the Derbyshire  school holidays and the people of Derbyshire needed strawberries. I hadn’t been strawberry picking since I was a child and was so excited about taking the boys, I’ve no idea why but I just remember it being really fun.To me, part of the fun of picking your own fruit is to be able to try some as you go along, not too many though, that’s just rude. I explained to The Cyclist the night before that I would never be one of those families that gorge themselves on berries and buy less than a lb of fruit at the end.  He said he’d read about people arriving at strawberry farms equipped with bowls of water for washing the strawbs and then a bowl of cream for devouring them with!

No, that’s not my child eating those unpaid for strawberries

Anyway, whilst we were picking I said to the boys you can try one if you like, oh dear that was not a good idea! Everytime I looked around The Farmer was holding another strawberry asking ‘I just try a little bit?’  or The Fireman was just wiping away the juice from his mouth. I eventually managed to convince them to wait till we’d paid.  Having the strawberries in rows meant the boys saw the pathways as a challenge to race up and down them, they were surprisingly good at not standing on the plants.We managed to pick about 4lb of fruit, by this time the boys were picking everything, grass, dandelions, leaves off trees, clover…

When arriving home I felt satisfied that we’d had a fun morning and we’d got lots of strawberries to eat, but I hadn’t thought what I could do with them. It’s taken till Friday to decide, so here is our first recipe with strawberries.

Strawberry Parfait- It’s not something I’ve made before and was really easy.

3 egg yolks

100g caster sugar

125ml water

285ml pot of double cream

some vanilla

300g-400g strawberries

A strawberry massacre

Mash the strawberries. Boil water and sugar together till it reaches 108c. Start whisking the egg yolks then pour on the syrup very slowly until it turns pale and leaves ribbons on the surface. Whisk in the cream, vanilla and then the strawberries.  Pour into a container and freeze.Since writing this earlier I used some more strawberries for Eton Mess.  Four mini desserts for our teatime picnic.