Mini diggers and medieval knights

The previous week at Derby Museum had been really fun, for all of us, so we went again last Friday.  The theme was mini diggers.  The boys were really excited about doing a trail around the exhibits again, until they saw the sand box.  The fireman loved it, I think he would have stayed there all day.  Dig for the historical objects, then hide them, dig, hide, dig, hide and so on.  The Farmer got into some cutting and gluing to make his viking brooch and was very keen on the digger pictures.

That’s very neat colouring in Mr Farmer.

They both loved making a viking necklace.  Beads, beads, beads!  There’s something very appealing about beads.  They had to count out 4 beads each.  The Fireman went into advanced maths mode and multiplied by 10 = too many. They were both very pleased with their necklaces.

Then we let them loose round the museum trail.  Derby Grandma and I actually got all of the clues this week, well done us.

It’s been a whole week since he pressed buttons

We had a great morning again, so great we went again the next day to Medieval Derby Day.

We had a nice slow start to our Saturday morning, and headed to Darley Park cafe for some lunch.  It’s a great cafe for a good bacon sarnie and chips, just what my body required after running the Tara Kinder 10k the previous night, we were then off to town. We arrived just as the knights were battling outside the museum.  The Fireman stood in complete awe of these knights, they were like superheroes to him, they had swords and everything.  The Farmer on the other hand wriggled around in my arms non-stop, he was told to stop wriggling otherwise he’d have to go back to the car, this option he liked the idea of, a lot, he didn’t like the knights 😦 So The Farmer and The Cyclist went off to buy some prawns for dinner.

After the battle we went back inside to see the undressing of the knights, The Fireman could not wait, he thought he would be able to undress the knights.  Personally I would not want to get anywhere near that close to them as they were drenched in sweat due to the multiple layers of clothing. Whilst we waited we did the medieval trail. The Farmer and The Cyclist returned and joined in.  They were both so excited to show The Cyclist the bones…..

and the stick insects.

Knight about to get clobbered

We came back to see a talk about the different weapons knights would have used. The noise of these being hit very hard onto armour was deafening, but The Fireman thought it was hilarious. Fortunately The Farmer was sitting in a nice quiet room making a knights mask as I don’t think he would have seen the funny side, too much noise (it’s strange because he’s started screaming a lot just recently and thinks it’s funny, hmm)

The Fireman made a mask too and was desperate to show it to one of the knights.  This 6’8 big friendly giant effortlessly picked him up like he was a little stick to pose for a photo, they even let him wear a helmet and hold a dagger, he was delighted!

He was a very brave knight indeed, a 3 year old and a dagger – dangerous combination.

We had a really good day again, I can’t praise Derby Museum enough for all their organising and brilliant events and all of this for FREE!! You can’t argue with that!

We headed home all weary from the excitement of the day and cooked up something a bit different for the boys.  We had great success with feeding them moules mariniere the other week, so thought we’d try shell-on garlic prawns. They loved them.

The recipe is soooo simple.

Shell-on cooked prawns – enough for 3 adults

A generous amount of butter

A load of garlic

A sprinkling of salt

A shake of paprika – optional extra

Melt butter, cook garlic for a minute add prawns, then salt and paprika, lid on and cook for about 5mins until all hot. Serve with some nice crusty bread (not sourdough like we did, wasn’t a great combination) add some cucumber as a token gesture towards 1 of your 5 a day.To reach perfection pour yourself a glass of chilled prosecco with a large dash of sweetened raspberry syrup (left over from stewing raspberries for rippled ice cream). Sit back and relax. Cheers all.