Tara Kinder 10K – Why do I do it?

The Fireman running with my race number, one lap of the garden, then he was tired 🙂

Another PB! I was very happy with this result.  The last 10k, The Sinfin Classic was 55mins, Tara Kinder 53mins! I was quite surprised as I’ve felt a bit out of shape recently.  It was a real shame the Colin Potter 10k was cancelled the other week, luckily it has been rescheduled, but I unfortunately can’t make the new date 😦  I’ve had the boys at home everyday for the past 3 weeks so daytime running is no longer an option.  The thought of running on an evening is less than appealing after a day of entertaining children, the killer is the bedtime story, 20mins of calm quiet stories on a comfortable chair, I don’t know how I stay awake sometimes.  The weather has now improved massively, but the last few weeks of rain has also put me off running, especially after another reading of ‘The giant jam sandwich’ as thrilling as it is.

So I was very happy with 53mins.  I don’t know what made me run better that night, maybe just more experience.  Maybe because I kept another runner in sight who was doing a good pace and stuck with her. Maybe because I actually did some stretching and even a little warm up run, I can’t normally be bothered.  Maybe because I ate 3 slices of cake….. The atmosphere was really good, so that definitely helped and nice to see quite a few other Team Derby Runners, the mud made it good fun too, lots of laughter.

Everybody got a t-shirt for finishing and those with a number 3 at the end of their race number got an extra prize, guess what?  I did! A bottle of wine for my efforts. So overall a great night and a bottle of booze to look forward to.

So why do I do running? For a free bottle of booze of course. No not really, I do it to keep fit, to challenge myself, to have a break from everyday life, but most importantly to inspire my children.  The more they see The Cyclist and I doing these things the more likely and easily they will get into it themselves, if they’re interested that is.  Both boys wanted to go running with me that night, but as they’re normally asleep by 7pm it wasn’t possible.  The fireman has started requesting a post dinnertime run, which is quite fun. We all run up the hill, past the Co-op (he also requests ice cream at this point) then back home.

I’m now on the look out for a toddler running event around Derby, please let me know if you hear of one.