Queen’s Park in the sun and in the rain

We took a trip to Queen’s Park in Loughborough.  I’ve never been before but thought it was worth exploring and there is a museum nearby.  After the success of our trip to Derby Museum last week I thought it was worth a try. There are three recommended car parks, I thought Granby Street was the best as you don’t have to cross any roads and it’s cheaper than the leisure centre car park.  Maximum stay at these car parks is 3 hours for £2.20. Unfortunately I only had enough change for two hours, so not really enough time to explore the park, playground and museum.  The park was smaller than I thought, but the playground was brilliant.

It’s so big, I felt scared just looking at it

The only problem was the HUGE climbing frame and slides were a bit too big for The Farmer but there wasn’t any fence or gate to separate the younger play area from this.  It was quite stressful on my own and it was very busy.

‘We are at the quarry, we are working very hard, it’s a very busy day’ The Fireman

I managed to persuade them to stay in the sand play area.  This was really good and perfect for my boys who love to pretend playing quarries, so digging and filling buckets was spot on. We scooted around the park,  The Farmer and I scooting together chasing down The Fireman 🙂 There are a few aviaries with budgies and the like, the boys liked these.  We then popped into the museum to get some info.  The boys were so disappointed we couldn’t stay, but I was not prepared to make the traffic wardens day by over staying our welcome.

So when I asked The Fireman what he wanted to do the next day he said ‘museum’, so we went back again.  This time it was raining, but because I am a bit of a miserable old git at times I quite liked it as it was quiet. The museum wasn’t quite as good as Derby, I knew it’d be smaller, but it was a bit of a shame that some of the hands-on exhibits weren’t working and not one member of staff spoke to us.  I couldn’t speak to them as my hands were full with two crazy kids n’all. I think there were trails to do but nobody said anything about them when we arrived.

The ‘Olympics’ exhibit

Anyway the boys enjoyed it, there were more bones and the arm of a digger and lots of flaps to lift and look under.

The Kipper

Maybe I would go back again, I’m not too sure at the minute. At least it was somewhere dry to spend an hour.

The Fireman in super hero mode

Give them some space and they run!

The park however was quite nice, but you probably want at least two adults for two crazy children when you visit the playground!