The benefits of an ugly car

Yesterday was day No.1 of the school summer holidays. Guess what? It rained, all day. We played in the house for a while, but things get out of hand soon enough.  So we headed out, the rain wasn’t too bad, maybe a walk in a park somewhere wouldn’t be ok. Two minutes into our drive to take our ‘thank you cake’ to nursery and the rain was pouring down.

After dropping off the cake we decided as we had packed lunches with us we’d go for a picnic, in the boot of the car. We parked up in Kegworth where there is a canal cut for the River Soar.  It was hugely flooded, looked like the towpath would be at least a foot or two underwater.

Our car is a Fiat Doblo.  Take a very large box and mount it on four wheels, ta da! Well done you’ve created a Doblo! There is no denying it, this car is plain ugly, but you know what, I couldn’t care less.  How many cars can you sit in the boot to enjoy a picnic without feeling like a caged hound?

Whose is that stunning car??

We opened up the boot which gives a great cover, laid down the picnic blanket and ate sausage cobs with ketchup, whilst the rain continued to pour

We took a scenic route home, both boys fell asleep, bonus! When they awoke they were soon causing havoc around the house again, so we made gingerbread men, gingerbread foxes, gingerbread squirrels and gingerbread hedgehogs.

The boys were in bed by 7pm, I was exhausted only 29 more days of entertaining them without The Cyclist to go.