Making the most of it

The forecast was for a dry sunny day.  A forecast like this called for a picnic breakfast! Before the boys were born The Cyclist and I used to occasionally go for a dawn breakfast up in Derbyshire somewhere.

Way back in 2006 – Dawn breakfast at Black Rocks

These days it means getting the old tandem out and hitching up the trailor for the boys, a family cycling trip that’s approx 4metres long.

We bought a double Croozer trailor 3 years ago and have been really impressed with it, our boys find it very exciting. The Fireman now packs his own bag of toys ready for a ride in the trailor.

They’re in there somewhere

I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be able to tow them, they are very heavy and The Fireman is almost too big. We’ve had some really great trips out with them though and would definitely recommend a Croozer.

Today’s trip was to Elvaston Castle, so probably only 4-5 miles away, but as we’ve not been on the bike for a while it was just about the right distance.

The Cyclist prepared some pancake mix before we left and we packed the camping stove.  For our pancake topping we took sweetened mascarpone, maple syrup and chocolate sauce, we deserved it right?

We met Derby Grandma and Grandad at Elvaston and they’d picked a perfectly sunny bench for us to picnic at.

Just to add to the weight of the boys in the trailor, food, flask of tea and stove, we took the heaviest cast iron frying pan we could find, grr we’re tough.
The Cyclist got to work with the pancakes, The Fireman as usual ate so many I lost count. The only thing we didn’t think through was not only we’re we having to carry a heavy cast iron pan , but it was now scorching hot and couldn’t be packed. Whilst waiting the boys took some pictures.

We headed back along the quiet back lanes. Being the stoker you get to take in all the surroundings a little more, this was great when I was trying to learn more about wildflowers. Every so often I’d shout ‘Stop!!! I think I’ve just seen a Dove’s-foot Crane’s-bill!’ or something along those lines. Todays job was taking a few cycling action shots.

When we arrived home, both boys were asleep, bonus! You have just got to make the most of these sunny days!