Time with The Farmer

The Farmer finished at Handkerchiefs Nursery two weeks ago.  Both boys were at this nursery when I was working and we have always been so happy with our choice. The Farmer stayed a little longer after I’d stopped work, mainly because he wasn’t old enough to go to the pre-school with The Fireman. He loved his time there so much, the staff were always brilliant with him, The Fireman and all the other children from what I could see.  Initially I choose a nursery near where I worked, it was nice enough but I just didn’t feel settled, plus I was soon pregnant with The Farmer and so it made sense to move to a closer nursery ready for when I went onto maternity leave.  The main thing that made me choose Handkerchiefs – 2 acres of land and a gigantic trampoline! Our boys love being outside, so this setting was perfect!

So The Fireman had 2 weeks left at pre-school, he goes three days per week and I had this time with The Farmer.  Last week we took a bus to Derby, he loved it! Going on the bus with both of them is possible, but tricky, so with just one child it was great.  He chanted all the way  ‘Ma going Deeerrby, on the buuuussss’.  We met Derby Grandma, he ran around like a nutter, we searched for a bag, he ran around like a nutter, bought some new books, he ran around etc etc. Then sang The Wheels on The Bus all the way home.  The next day we stayed in because The Farmers ‘Big Boy Bed’ was due to be delivered.  He helped build it, in a sort of ‘I’m just going to hold all of the screws, bolts etc and not let you have any’ it was a slow process.

On the bus, it was a bumpy ride.

This week we took a bus to Derby, he loved it and chanted  ‘Ma going Deeerrby, on the buuuussss’ again. This time we didn’t do much, but wander about aimlessly and go up and down on escalators.

Escalator No.4

We took lunch and sat in the Market Square and watched the waterfall, I ran through it once, when I was 16.

Lunch by the waterfall – with free ‘crazy people’ entertainment

We saw a variety of characters, my favourite was the man who walked backwards in and out of Natwest bank, multiple times. I have no idea why he did this, but I was impressed he didn’t fall over. My other favourite was the drunk man shouting ‘Bless you me duck and yer son, have a good day’.

Erm, wasn’t we supposed to be sharing those?

Derby really is quite a nice place to visit, honest. We wandered through the Cathedral quarter, bought essentials (sweetcorn forks) and down past Bonnie Prince Charlieto the river.

Mucky River Derwent, from all the rain we’ve had

This journey home ended up with a sleeping Farmer. I managed to carry him off the bus and walk home, he carried on sleeping for another hour and a half, he must have been tired!

At the pool

We also had a trip to the farm shop near Melbourne to stock up and then visited Melbourne Pool. It was a quick visit and so we’ll go back again soon.

babby swans

Babby coots

Lots of geese, ducks and coots and also grey wagtail which are beautiful, but I couldn’t get a picture 😦

The weather was good enough for a trip to the allotment today, he stood in fox poo, I noticed when he was sat on my shoulders….nice.  We also enjoyed a picnic at the park.   Both of these are favourite activities of The Farmer.

It was lovely to give all my attention to The Farmer for a change, although he just kept on asking where The Fireman was and saying ‘I want him’, every day. I will have both boys together every day now until next September.

Days with just one of our boys makes me realise how much easier life is, but by choosing to have two children we never set out for an easy life and I wouldn’t choose to have it any other way.