Broad beans and a few visitors

I’m currently finding it a bit difficult to plan anything due to the shocking weather we’ve been having. We just have to wait and see what it’s going to be like when we wake up.

I have no idea what he is doing

Today it was dry most of the day and even a bit sunny! With nothing planned The Fireman decided we would take a trip to the local skate park.

The Famer’s ‘Ice Cream Stand’

It got rid of a bit of energy and the sun was shining by the time we got home.

We don’t really watch much TV, but The Cyclist was glued to the box today as there was Moto GP, F1, Tour de France and Wimbledon. The main comments from The Fireman were, ‘but daddy, I really like Christmas Ice Age’, The cyclist replies ‘that’s great’. He did let him watch it in the end, he’s not that mean.

We had a delivery of fresh veggies from Granpa’s allotment yesterday, The Fireman was desperate to pod the broad beans.

Child labour

It was like a real treat, his crazy excited reaction to ‘you can pod the beans now’ was the same as ‘you can have some chocolate buttons now’, strange child.

There’s something very therapeutic about podding beans.  Both boys really enjoyed it and concentrated so well.

Firing broad beans

The Fireman almost wet himself laughing when I showed him you could fire them out of the pods. Whilst we were busy podding we had some visitors.

A little baby bank vole, which I think may have been a bit poorly.

A baby great tit. (no sniggering)

A frog

When all the beans were free, they wanted more veggie fun.  They brought out a bowl and filled it with the spuds and asked if they could wash them….?!

washing the potatoes then led to multiple bowls,

which then led to more water,

which then led to utensils,

which then led to herb soup, which then led to loud hooting,

which then led me to distraction,

Green alkanet

Ox-eye daisy

Meadow vetchling

It eventually ended up with a mess and The Farmer falling asleep and me leaving the house to go running.

The Aftermath

For dinner we ate all the broad beans cooked in a risotto, the boys loved them. For pudding I told The Fireman ‘I’ve made a sort of strawberry cheesecake thing’ he said, ‘ok, so it’s not quite a cheesecake then?’, well….no, he’s got me there.  Look boys just eat it!

I had left over strawberries about to go off, I thought, mmmm cheesecake, but had no biscuits, but did have a load of tasty, but rubbish, falling apart flapjack.  So I squashed a handful of that into the bottom of the ramekins, mixed up a load of cream cheese, icing sugar, vanilla and chopped strawberries and dolloped that on top, then topped with more sliced strawberries. They ate it, I’m happy and strawberries didn’t end up wasted.