Music in the park and Kylie’s feathers

Today we went to a local music in the park community thingy.  We went a bit early and had to endure an hours worth of showers, the sun arrived eventually. There were various bands playing including a Kylie Minogue tribute singer.  She was wearing a blue corset with a large plume of feathers on her rear and feathers also on her head.  I don’t know how how you’d describe this style? Maybe cabaret? Burlesque? Panto? A bit rough? Anyway we were walking around and The Fireman pointed at her and said ‘Mummy look she’s dressed as a turkey’, The Cyclist suggested she sounded like one too.

Her appearance was not that dissimilar, just in blue.

 Later on this description was then revised to be a peacock.  He then told us that her feathers were tickling her winky……., we couldn’t do anything but laugh, you know the sort of laughing when you make no noise and just shake? He then changed this to tickling her bottom, we laughed even more, he then changed it to tickling her body, we calmed down until The Farmer added, ‘lady singing, got winky’.  Commence sniggering once again.
There was also two fire engines which they both explored at will. With The Fireman at the wheel there were fires EVERYWHERE, he was completely in his element!  We had a nice afternoon, apart from when The Farmer freaked out, more than he does with dogs, which is quite a major freak out, when he spotted a giant rabbit walking towards him, ‘I don’t like iiiiiiit!!!!!!’  I can understand that.