Milkshakes and International Mud Day

The day started a little stressful today, mainly because I was tired, nothing to do with the whiskey last night though… The Farmer was being a monkey and throwing food on the floor, The Fireman told him ‘if you throw your muesli on the floor, the police will come and tell you off’ . The police are obviously VERY strict in our district.

The Farmer went missing for several minutes at breakfast, we had no idea where he was.

After breakfast we headed up to our local playgroup for a bit of funtime with friends. ย The Farmer sat with his best friend on the way back, very sweet.After arriving back home for ham sandwiches and of course the daily cake, we made milkshakes by melting chocolate, mixing it with a little milk then added more milk. Doing this stops the chocolate solidifying as it hits a load of cold milk. ย I also added some of the leftover failed lemon cake. ย It gives a milkshake a nice thickshake sort of texture, and in this instance a hint of lemon ๐Ÿ™‚

Chocolate-lemon milkshake

These were then sprinkled with hundreds and thousands and topped with marshmallows. I just make these things for the boys of course, it’s not like i’m interested in trying them, oh no. Then we were onto the afternoons activity. Mud. Mud pies, mud painting, mud dancing, mud splattering, mud sliding, mud spashing. All in the name of International Mud Day. I just kept it simple, the boys had a bowl each, then they dug up some soil from their den in the garden. ย I then filled each of their watering cans and left them to it.

The Great Outdoors

I made myself a cup of tea, which is also my entry for coffeepoweredmom’s photo competition. ย The theme is ‘The Great Outdoors’. ย Ok, so we’re only in the back garden and not in some beautiful mountains or woodlands, picturesque meadows and sparkling rivers, but we were outdoors and it was great :-).

Mud Bath

The Farmer certainly embraced the idea of playing with mud, within 5mins he sat in his bowl of mud pie.A while later, they went off to play in their den, The Fireman shouted ‘mummy you’d better get ready for swimming’.

Mud painting

Slighty daunted by this remark I went over to the den to find they’d filled a hole they’d dug a while back, with water. ย It was the perfect mud pie and it makes me so happy to see they had created this!

The mud pool

As I was so excited by this I jumped in immediately after my invite from The Fireman.

Time for a paddle

Eventually mud play started to wind down and The Farmer was obviously exhausted, so he went for a snooze in the pushchair.

little muddy feet

The Fireman decided it was time to strip off and started dancing in the mud, i’ll save you and him from this though, but all I can say is it was hilarious, especially as he didn’t know I was filming him (one for his wedding day).