the longest run of my life…so far.

Yesterday I ran 12.25km, 2km further than I have run before.  The route followed East Midlands Airport perimeter trail.  It’s a route I’ve been meaning to do for a while.  It was a lovely track despite the road part, roar of engines and slight whiff of aviation fuel.  The airport has become more and more developed over the years yet they do seem to do a good job of conserving the environment and help minimise the effects of the airport and have worked with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust in the more recent years.

The trail is pretty much all on grass and trails, which seems much better for my knees. It is a circular route 6 miles long, I ran a bit further because….I could. It’s quite varied in habitats, with some lovely woodlands and meadows.  I saw lots of wildlife along the way, goldfinches, peacock butterflies and a buzzard which flew out of the trees at head level about 4m in front of me, glad it was flying away from me as it was huge! you don’t realise how big these birds are until they’re up close. The flora was lovely too with beautiful patches of bright purple selfheal. 

It’s quite an undulating trail and a bit muddy in places and I suspect on a wet and windy day could be quite grim as it’s a bit exposed. I ran it in an anti-clockwise direction, not that it really matters, I just thought i’d get the road bit over and done with first.  At the 9km mark, my knees felt like they were seizing up, but it was all flat or downhill from there.

If you fancy having a run or walk around the trail, you can park at the Aeropark for free.  More about the Aeropark soon.

So 12.25km, It wasn’t too bad, I might even run that distance again, maybe one day I might even run a half marathon, but I’m not making any promises.