Dirt is good for you (I think)

It looked like it might rain on Monday, so I didn’t fancy going on a big adventure.  We stayed at home for most of the morning, playing in the garden.  The Farmer had been given a bug viewer for his birthday, so we set it up out in the garden.  The Fireman decided he’d prefer to play bin lorries.  The Fireman is very keen on bin lorries, I find it a bit odd, but if that makes him happy…. He recently told me that after being a fireman, he’d like to be a builder, then he’d like to be a roadworker and then he’d like to be a bin man, I can’t imagine him being so keen about all these jobs once he gets to working age.  He also asked if I could pick him up from the fire station at the end of the day, I said ‘yes I’d love to’.

The Farmer on the other hand set off in search of bugs, then he got tempted into playing bin lorries. Whilst The Fireman tipped dirt into the ‘bin lorry’, The Farmer spotted a bug in the bucket.  All bin lorrying came to a halt, the bug was rescued/mangled and promptly put into the bug viewer. Can you imagine this happening to you? A little chubby toddler picking you up by your tail shouting ‘bugs, bugs’ whilst spitting all over you at the same time.  I gave the boys my FSC ID charts, not expecting them to be able to identify the bug, but to my delight The Fireman did identify the bug as a woodlouse.  He’s been doing really well with flora and fauna ID recently. We played in the garden until the moment they start bashing each other with sticks, which signals to me that we need to move onto something else. After a tense start of who was going to carry a bag, the biggest bag, the heaviest bag, we packed our lunches and walked up to Airport Granpa’s allotment.  As usual The Farmer was all up for setting the picnic blanket out on the main road as he couldn’t wait for food. We had lunch immediately upon arrival.

At the allotment Airport Granpa has created a patch for the boys, so they can dig, grow and harvest the things they like.We harvested 4 small courgettes, loads of new potatoes and a cobblers worth gooseberries. Whilst pottering about I could see The Farmer loving playing in the dirt and then started to bury his legs.  There’s not a lot of space for digging at the moment, but The Farmer made the most of the patch that was bare.The Fireman dug a hole, I hope Airport Granpa doesn’t fall down it. For some reason they enjoyed grabbing fistfuls of dirt and sprinkling it all over themselves.  At the back of my mind I kept thinking ‘should I tell them to stop, they’re getting very dirty’, but thankfully that stayed at the back of my mind.  They are children, two wild little boys.

Dirt coloured hands with matching dirt coloured nails.

Seapunk2, this is for you 🙂

 If I didn’t let them play in dirt what kind of childhood would that be? A while back I witnessed something that to me was quite shocking.  At a playgroup, we were all sat eating snacks when one child decided to get off his seat and go for a crawl.  His mother swiftly scooped him up and told him he couldn’t crawl on the floor because it was dirty! If that was a dirty floor then it’s a good job she never visits my house.  I’d quite happily allow my boys to eat dropped snacks that have been on that floor.  We generally abide by the 3 and often up to 10 second rule, that if picked up off the floor in this time, it is edible. I can’t imagine how stressful life would be if I worried about this stuff all the time and how boring it would be for my children.

I do however draw the line at eating dirt.  The Farmer just could not resist. Two hours of running round and coating themselves in dirt and I decided it was time to head home.

Off he went with a trumpety-trump

I was so impressed by The Farmer he walked all the way there and all the way back, which must be almost two miles.

Stick o’clock

Back at home The Fireman spotted more wildlife. He had to show me because I couldn’t see it, sometimes I think I walk around with my eyes closed, The Cyclist no doubt would agree.

Cinnabar moth