The great outdoors and funny poo

The past weekend was very busy, although at this exact moment I can’t remember what with, I think it was erm…stuff. Ah yes (quick look at the calendar) Saturday we visited Betty’s Farm as they were hosting a open farm  day.  As usual we got our eggs, tried some yummy food samples and then went on a tour of the farm, of course is was egg-cellent (poor).  We visited the baby goat, it was sooooo cute, have a look at their Facebook site. The Farmer was still frightened  of the goat despite it’s teeny tiny size.  There is an invisible radius around animals where before reaching it he’s very keen to see animals of any kind, cross this line and he’s like a little monkey clinging onto me for dear life, shouting ‘No, I don’t like it!’.  Regardless of this he is still adamant he wants to be a farmer.  When The Fireman asked him last week if he wanted to be a fireman with him, he crossly answer ‘No, my a Farmer!’.  We stopped talking about it at that point.

Saturday afternoon I ran at the Breedon 6.5km race, taking along my fan club for support.  They were keen to see me go so they could go and have a ride in the teacups, I felt special.  The race was good fun.

Sunday we headed up to a new Derbyshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve near Ilkeston.  Woodside nature reserve is huge, there’s a lot more to see than we saw on Sunday and so it’ll be worth another visit at some point.  Derbyshire Wildlife Trust are now in their 50th year. They have achieved an enormous amount of work in that time and now manage 41 reserves and have over 14,000 members.  If you live in Derbyshire it’s worth checking their What’s on page as they host a lot a family friendly events for very small costs.  This Sunday they were hosting a 24hr Bioblitz at Woodside and including lots events suitable for children. Their aim was to record at least 500 species.  We joined in with the pond dipping, The Fireman impressed me with his knowledge of pond creatures (so he does listen to me!), The Farmer tried diving/falling in headfirst looking for ‘bugs, bugs’.  Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have also just received almost £50,000 for their Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project, have look at their blog and to view live webcams of the birds. A big congratulations to them on the funding.

With The Wildlife Trust nature reserves in mind we visited Carver’s Rocks on Monday. Parking isn’t great, but there’s usually room on the verge, just be cautious as it’s a busy road. The walk down to the reserve is on an old Severn Trent Water access road.  There isn’t any traffic and so we had our picnic on the grass verge as the boys couldn’t possibly survived another 2mins of walking without food. Eventually we got to the reserve and straightaway we saw some beautiful foxgloves, they boys ran over and started sniffing/mauling them.  Then we hit the ‘stick collecting’ part of the day, so predictable. It’s a lovely site with mixed patches of woodland and lowland heath.  There are quite a few boardwalks and bridges about, keeps the boys happy, it can get quite muddy in places, also keeps the boys happy.

I took a different path than usual. I eventually got lost, we also hit the ‘me up’ part of the day. We came out of the reserve into a beautiful meadow, I was a little anxious in case the next field may contain cows. I chilled out as the meadow was so nice and the boys were loving playing there. They started copying me and pretending to take photos….with stones. After packing all their pockets with more stones, we walked a little further and found the other end of the access road we first walked in on. The Farmer was very tired by now, it felt like we’d been walking for miles.  Handing out big sticks and pretending they were horses sprung them into life again.  Just before the car The Fireman stopped on his horse, he looked serious, I asked him if he was ok, he replied, ‘yes i’m fine, my horse has stopped to do a poo’, then he continued along his way his sides splitting with laughter, we’d hit the ‘poo is funny’ part of the day.