Father’s Day and The horse duck

Another trip to West Park today to meet my dad for a bit of cricket coaching for the boys.  I managed to get a cheap plastic cricket set from Tesco.  Good job the wind had settled down else we’d have been chasing the flimsy wickets around the field. Turns out The Fireman is happy to bat a ball around with a stick, The Farmer is happy to whack trees with sticks.  I’m glad the cricket set only cost 4 quid.

My dad announced he’d bought me a present back from his recent holiday.  That was unexpected, I’d never expect holiday gifts, but I knew something was a bit uncertain about this gift when he told me. I said ‘Is it an ornament?’, I don’t do ornaments for a similar reason I don’t do ironing, it means time dusting them. He suggested dust could compliment it’s rustic appearance.

A large box appears, the boys home in on me like crows to carrion, ooo mummy has a present. The Farmer is chanting ‘open it, open it, open it’. I take it out of the box, The Farmer is beside himself with excitement, ‘A horsey!’.  Well no, not quite, it’s a duck, guess he was close with the ‘animal’ category.

The boys are both still excited about the duck 3 hours later. ‘Can we hold the duck, please?’ The Farmer introduced the duck to the Lego and also to his other farm animals in the barn.

Whilst I don’t generally have ornaments, I am still grateful for the thought as it does sum me up quite nicely and I do actually like this ornament to look at.  I’ve even cleared a space in the kitchen for it. The Cyclist doesn’t like it, he asks why is it on the worktop and not back in it’s box, my glare explains it all.

So thanks dad for the thought, next time you visit, please bring a duster, I’ll provide the cake.