The Hairy Helmet and the lung-busting hill

I write this post whilst suffering from exhaustion. I have run 4 days in a row, never before have I done this.  I am so tired, I could almost cry with tiredness, especially after I hit my funny bone on the bookcase.

The new Long Horse bridge

Wednesday I ran 10.5km from Shardlow to Sawley and back.  It’s not a massive distance but for me to run 10km without it being an actual race i’ve entered is a first. I really enjoyed it and DIDN’T get lost or encounter cows. If anyone is interested it started from the long stay car park on Wilne Road in Shardlow, followed the new greenway next to the Trent and Mersey canal. Over the new Long Horse Bridge which allows you to cross the river Trent at the point where the river Derwent joins.

The Sawley Cut

The path continues down the Trent, over the Sawley road and continues down the Sawley cut canal, back onto the river path to Trent Lock.

Trent Lock

I was going to return on the same route but decided to run along Lock Lane back to Sawley and get back onto the river from the Sawley road.  If like me you drank too much tea the morning you run, there are fortunately some loos at Trent Lock.

Thursday my legs felt a bit stiff, The Cyclist encouraged me to run a short distance as it would help my run on Friday night.  Friday night was The Hairy Helmet.  It was the first time I’d met other members from Team Derby Runner and the first time I’d run a relay. It was just 2 miles, but I was quite nervous as I was running for the club and with my relay team. We had a great start to the evening with a huge downpour and thunderstorm, this happened whilst the kids were running the little hoop loop, they were very brave and enthusiastic. I ran Leg 4 so I was a little cold by this point, also by this point the course was nice and muddy! The three ladies in the team did a cracking job.  I set off up the hill, which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but the adrenalin was almost too much and I struggled to relax. I managed just under 20mins, I was hoping to be a bit faster, but as usual I panicked after 5mins thinking I was going too fast and slowed down.  It was such a good atmosphere and of course you get a pint of beer at the end.

Saturday I ran the Breedon-on-the-Hill 6.5km.  It started with an enormous uphill to the church.  I had to walk some of it.  It felt a bit like trying to sprint in water, but not only was it impossible to do, it HURT. Anyway after that it was all downhill to Wilson.  I choose to wear my trail shoes as the course was described as multi-terrain and with all the rain we’ve had I figured it would be muddy.  Unfortunately nearly 3km was tarmac on the Cloud Trail.  My shins are sooo sore. It finished with a nice bit of downhill, I finished in 36mins which is what I was hoping for.

A sprint for the finish, I was like a blur of speed (of course you were)

I can’t type anymore, I’m very, very tired and eaten too much sausage and mash…………