West Park and the skate park…dude

Monday’s weather was a bit dull, but dry in the morning, luckily we made the most of it.  I took the boys to West Park in Long Eaton.  It’s a well known park for those in this area, so I’m not pretending I’ve made a massive discovery! It’s a great park for all ages and is especially good for toddlers learning to ride a bike.

We bought The Fireman a Rothan balance bike by Isla Bikes when he was about 18months old and by just over 2 years he was able to scoot well.  When he was big enough, just over 2 and a half we bought him the next size Isla Bike with pedals, a Cnoc. The Cyclist took him to West Park and he rode it straight away, without stabilisers, that’s why everyone should buy their toddlers a balance bike, it really works!

Unfortunately The Farmer doesn’t have quite the same enthusiasm for riding a bike, but he does love to run!

West Park is great for both these activities as there is lots of space, no cars, smooth paths and flat.

There is an outdoor gym which goes around the park and consists of posts with different activities (hard to explain), but these act well as waiting points. So The  Fireman rides off ahead and stops at each exercise post, usually 200-300m or so apart, whilst The Farmer runs along behind shouting excitedly ‘ma running, ma running!’. He chose to run with an umbrella, I have no idea why. We’d meet up at each post and have a go at the exercises, The Farmer did have a little accident by falling off one, oops.

A new skate park has been built here and it is fantastic, makes me want to get my rollerblades out, perhaps that’s a trip without the boys.  The Fireman was all up for trying it out on his bike and he did really well with just a few accidents.

After this we went to the playground.  I like that the pre-school aged playground is separate to the older children playground, makes things a little more relaxed when I don’t hear ‘Mummy, I’m up here but I don’t know how to get down’. The really exciting thing is that there is a new waterpark park being buil

t, we visited one at Matlock last week and it was a lot of fun.

We then moved onto Pooh sticks in the stream, this took quite some time, water+ sticks= perfection for little boys.  We eventually moved on and back to the car to collect our picnic.  The picnic was bracing in the chilly breeze and soon it

began to rain.  We certainly made the most of it though.

This trip was completely free apart from the petrol. There is lots of parking and I would highly recommend going here for bike riding.

I have a lot of fond memories of this park as I grew up in Long Eaton.  Long Eaton isn’t the prettiest of places but it’s where my memories are.  I used to go to the park regularly as a child as my dad played cricket there, I loved those days.  I learnt to do the cricket scoring at the age of 8, maybe not quite with 100% accuracy, but hey, no-one else wanted to do it and I got a free cricket tea i.e lots of cake.  I also remember riding my bike around this park, it was my first bike, it snapped in half, people laughed, I was devastated, it was all part of being a kid though.

I’ve roped my dad into meeting us down the park this coming Sunday, Father’s Day, to teach my boys how to play cricket and have a picnic, it’ll be nice, fingers crossed for good weather.

Overall our trip this week was good. One fat lip and a few grazes to knees for The Farmer. One grazed elbow, one grazed knee and a rather bruised rear for The Fireman. An adventure and the wounds to show for it.