Rhubarb crumble and Mojitos

The boys are back at pre-school and so it’s kitchen time for me. It should really be clean the house time, but that’ll come later, maybe. On our way to pre-school we took a quick trip to Airport Granpa’s allotment, watered a few plants, collected sticks, and plucked some rhubarb. The rhubarb is going to be crumbled.

We also have a little bit of rhubarb in our garden so I plucked that too.  Whilst doing that I noticed how lovely and green the mint looked.   Back home there’s lots of cooking on the go today and other little jobs that need doing in the kitchen, including refilling the sugar syrup which is mainly used for cocktails.There was a bit of sugar syrup left in the bottle, even that tiny bit I didn’t want to waste, I hate wasting stuff.  So I poured it onto the chopped rhubarb, I then went back to the garden and grabbed a load of mint, chopped it up and put it on top.

I covered the rhubarb and roasted it first before adding the crumble as often when I’ve made it before the crumble is cooked and the rhubarb still a little hard.

The results, well it was different, but I don’t think I’d add mint again maybe if it was very finely chopped and it needed more sugar, but it was ok.  Interestingly The Fireman asked for more…he also asked for more cabbage with his dinner, although referred to it as lettuce, it caused me a sort of brain freeze as the words kept ringing round my head. Of course The Farmer wanted more too, just because his brother asked.

I think what I was really looking for when I saw the mint gleamingly green in the garden was this.  The most perfectly balanced cocktail I have ever drank, not that I have that much knowledge of cocktails. It is sweet, fresh and crisp.  I’m quite a fan of cocktails and luckily so is The Cyclist and this is our absolute favourite.  It’s best served on a balmy evening after a day of exploring sunny forests and a delightful al fresco meal, but this is the UK were talking about and you can’t be that picky.  Current temperature today is 13c, but it feels a lot colder than that as I was plucking rhubarb up at the allotment this morning.

Looks like swampy, frog spawn pond water, but tastes divine.

Ah that’s better……..but…….

I have a confession to make, in all my excitement of sugar syrup and mint muddling, I forgot to buy rum, kind of essential when making a mojito. I used vodka instead, which I think makes it a Momo special. Still tastes good, it’s just one of those days.