Thoughts from The Fireman and The Farmer

It’s not much of a post but I thought I’d share these two recent comments from The Fireman (Aged 3 and a half)  and The Farmer (aged 2).

The Farmer after sneezing…

Me:  Have you put something up your nose? Is it…weetabix?

The Farmer: (big grin) Yeah!

Me: You really shouldn’t put weetabix up your nose.

The Farmer: (now laughing) I like-a ma wee-a-bix up-a ma nose

Me: No we don’t put weetabix up our nose.

The Fireman

Whilst driving back home..

The fireman: (upset voice) Oh noooo!!

Me: What? What’s wrong?

The Fireman:  There’s blood everywhere!!

Me: (attempts not to swerve off the road in panic) What?! Where??!!

The Fireman: Over there, all over those fields.

Me: (feeling calmness return) Ohh you mean flood, yes there has been a lot of flooding from the river.