runner bean risotto

I love runner beans and this is the time of year for them. I’ve grown runner beans in the past, they’re nice and easy to grow, it’s the eating part I struggle with.  The only thing I’ve really thought they’re suitable with is a roast dinner, but we don’t have roast dinners very often, so how else to use them up?

I was originally going to use them sliced with baked cod steaks wrapped in bacon, but unfortunately Sainsbury’s put a stop to that.  Each week I do an online shop from Sainsbury’s (that’s if I remember to press the send order button).  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they stock cod steaks, they were frozen but that would do.  Anyway, this is what arrived….

They look revolting and in my mind that is NOT a cod steak.  I know it’s still real fish fillets that have been frozen together then rammed through a saw, but I don’t get why they have to do this with food??? I couldn’t face eating them with this recipe.  I need to think of a recipe where the disgusting-ness of these are disguised. Any ideas are welcome.

So we had risotto for dinner instead, with runner beans and crispy bacon and it was delicious! Drizzled with a little aged balsamic vinegar, even The Fireman liked the vinegar part.

Empty plates all round!

On it’s way to being empty, The Farmer picked up his plate and licked it clean.

If anyone has any other exciting runner bean recipes, please, please share them!