The Hairy Helmet and those pesky cows

I’ve not written much about running recently.  I’m still running 2-3 times a week, it’s just that I’m running ‘the same old route, nothing to report here’ type of runs. I’ve found a nice hilly 2 mile run that good for testing out my pace for next Friday’s Hairy Helmet Relay at Darley Park in Derby.

I recently joined Team Derby Runner which is a new running club connecting with The Derby Runner.  I’ve never been part of a club before (apart from unicycle hockey, but that’s a different story) so it’s been quite nice to feel a bit of pride when wearing my (free!) Team Derby Runner vest.

The club has entered 8 teams into the relay and it’ll be the first time I get to meet up with other club runners. The idea of the Hairy Helmet is for a team of four to each run 2 miles on a course around Darley Park.  At the end you each get a pint of beer and there’s also a BBQ, why would you not enter this race??

So my run tonight was another 2 mile training run which turned into a flying 4.5 miles across fields as I was enjoying it so much, until about 4 miles when I encountered some cows.  Have I mentioned I am SCARED OF COWS!

Don’t trust a cow

Tonight there was fear, but there was also anger.  As I ran down across the field they were hiding in the corner, they all lifted there heads from their almost constant munching of grass gave each other a smug grin and said ‘come on ladies let’s have a bit of fun’.  I can’t believe they all started walking up the field and stopped between me and my next stile.  I stood still, grr my time is ruined! Right that’s it, I held my hand up and walked towards them, I actually stroked the cow! OK cows you’ve had your fun now get out of my way.  They did move then all gathered behind me a started trotting.  I actually shouted at this point. ‘Woooaahh, that’s enough you stay there!’, or something like that, maybe there was a few other sterner words. I leapt through the stile and ran and ran and ran. I could hear them sniggering behind me, damn cows.

Even though I stroked the cow I am not over this (ir)rational fear, I will be devising an alternative route home.

After completing the Hairy Helmet next Friday I’m also planning on running  the Breedon-on-the-Hill 6.5k the next day and I actually look forward to running up the hill to the church, hmm that’s a bit strange..

Oh I’ve just eaten a whole block of chocolate, ooops.