Tara Kadampa Buddhist Centre and discussions on cake

We made the most of the last day of the Bank Holiday weekend with a trip to the Tara Centre in Etwall.  We’ve been here quite a few times before.  I’m not a buddhist nor am I religious in any way, but I do appreciate the kindness of the people who work here and the beautiful setting.

The place is very welcoming and is free to wander around.  The feeling of the site is very calm and relaxed, just what you need when you have two very active toddlers.  It is safe away from roads and although dog walkers use the site, they seem very responsible and the place is free from poop.

Ox-eye daisies

What I really like about this place is the wildlife.  Big trees, stunning wildflowers, a pond and a more formal cottage style planted garden.

I thought the purple veins on these petals looked very pretty, not sure what it is though, maybe an anemone?

The favourite part for the boys is the old fallen tree trunk to climb on.  It’s as exciting as swings and slides and of course there are sticks a-plenty! 

The pond is currently full of tadpoles, more excitement for the boys.

The Cyclist and The Fireman having some quiet time

We ran through the meadow looking for butterflies but it was too windy and cold and besides we would never have seen any as The Fireman ran along whooping loudly.

Whooping from The Fireman

We took a picnic, but as it’s free to walk around we thought we’d spend a bit of money in the cafe on tea and cake.  The cafe is in the process of moving and there is a temporary cafe in place selling a limited selection, so don’t head there expecting a chai latte (my favourite) or cappuccino, but a pot of tea is still good and the boys enjoyed smearing chocolate cake on their faces, as usual.

On the drive home the conversation turned to cake (not surprising). We talked about taking cake to The Cyclist at work once he has settled into his new office.  The Fireman requested that in the future I take cake to the fire station where he will be working, for him and his friends to eat.  Can you imagine it? ‘Hello (25 year old son) it’s your mother, I’ve brought your favourite chocolate cake for you and you friends to enjoy’…..I will do it though, just because he asked very nicely.