Jubilee party part 2 – The street party

Another party, I’m not complaining, it’s just quite exhausting. This weekend we have been guests to two Jubilee parties and two childrens parties and we are now all exhausted. The great thing about this weekend is not only will we have four days together (Thanks Liz), but we also haven’t had to think too much about how we will entertain the boys, although things got a little tense earlier today when they started fighting over an imaginary digger.  We also haven’t had to worry about meals as they’ve been provided!

Thankfully today’s weather whilst a little chilly, has been soooo much better than yesterday when the rain never ceased.  The street party took place on my mum’s road and was organised by her neighbour.

And what a great job she did! We all took a bit of food and there was a real feast.  There was a fantastic BBQ, music, table and chairs all laid out with tonnes of food. Bunting, banners and balloons!

There were bubbles and snow machines(!), games for children and games for adults, jelly and ice cream, cakes and the odd glass of wine…

To top all this, each child was given their own named goody bag to take home. How lucky are we to have two extra loud Jubilee horns?!!