Waffles and memories of Norway

Can you imagine a much tastier breakfast? We enjoyed the strawberry and mascarpone cakes so much we decided to put strawberries and mascarpone on our waffles. We also had nutella and maple syrup. We always use proper maple syrup after once making the mistake of buying maple syrup flavoured sauce, yuk! With a big pot of freshly brewed tea and a heap of waffles, the day was started perfectly.

A waffle machine may seem a little excessive, as all you can cook with it is….waffles, but it’s so worthwhile.  We’ve been using our Petra machine for about 6 years since our great experience of waffles on our cross country ski trip to Norway.  It was the perfect way to end a day of skiing in temperatures of -20c

First time on ski’s, just taking a close look of the snow.

The plateau near Hallingdal