Jubilee Tea Party No.1 – Strawberries and Cream

We we’re invited to The Farmer’s nursery yesterday for a Jubilee Tea Party. We were joined by The Fireman and Airport Grandma. We provided our own picnic and the nursery provided cakes and 2 bouncy castles and of course a very warm welcome as usual.

I  prepared ourselves the night before for the picnic by baking some puff pastry twists.  Two different flavours.  Chicken, cheese and pesto and ham, cheese and mustard.  These are really easy to make.  I used ready made puff pastry, but I really should try making my own. I rolled it out to a big square, put each filling in a quarter, side by side, then folded the pastry over like a nice big blanket.  Then I cut it into long strips, twisted them a couple of times and put them on a baking tray.  Brushed them with milk and baked for 15mins at about 200c.

Chopped strawberries with cake mix poured over

I also baked cake, of course I baked cake, how could I not?  I based the cakes on a recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery, strawberry cheesecake cupcakes. I thought this sounded like delightfully British recipe, in a sort of ‘excuse me I’m just queuing very politely’,’ morris dancing is great’, ‘cup of tea anyone?’ and ‘ohh looovely it’s time for Wimbledon’ kind of way.

Instead of adding milk to the cake mix  I added cream and for the topping a used sweetened mascarpone with vanilla and chopped (and slightly crushed) strawberries.

The afternoon was free of rain fortunately, I ate so much cake I really didn’t care if it rained or not.  The boys bounced around not only from consuming cake but also on the bouncy castles.

I LOVE picnics