I’m not a fan of cornbread, but I do like a bit of cheesecake

No, it’s not a fat wedge of overly matured cheddar, that’s been left in some skanky damp cupboard. That is Cornbread.

I had a day of baking on Tuesday.  It’s like some sort of therapy for me,  after spending 11 days with the boys doing non-stop exploring, I was ready for a bit of me time. So I decided to make some bread to go with our bacon, mozarella and pea salad. Cornbread I thought, now that’s something I’ve not baked before, i’ll give it a go.  We always have loads of polenta in the box so this was a good way of using it.  I based it on a Dan Lepard recipe from his book ‘Short and Sweet’.  I love this book, it’s got loads of lovely recipes in.  So I tried the chilli and sesame cornbread.  The recipe suggested you could scoop it out of the dish whilst still hot or leave to cool and slice.  I try and prep as much dinner during the day as possible, so we had it cooled and sliced.

The result, well I’m afraid to say, I’m not keen.  It’s very heavy and quite strong tasting, I think this may be the sesame seeds were slightly over toasted.  I’m trying to think of other uses for it now, but the only thing I’ve come up with is a some sort of lethal weapon or weight training aid due to it’s density.  I’m just going to have accept it’s going to be thrown away, in it’s own bin bag that is due to its weight. I’d like to think it’s tasty, but it’s not, if anyone can convince me otherwise please try.  Luckily I made a tasty dessert too.  I’d been craving cheesecake for a while.   The recipe I chose isn’t actually cheesecake but was similar.  It was a Summer berry mousse cake recipe – Recipes – BBC Good Food.

I didn’t bother with the topping, mainly due to laziness and lack of time. I started putting the ingredients together, a big pot of fromage frais, a pot of double cream, half a pot of single, yikes there’s some calories in there! I convinced myself I was doing the right thing as it contain lots of calcium for the boys….

I did wonder how we were going to get through this as it’s huge! We ate our salad and a little cornbread. Time for the next course. Boys, what would you like for pudding? I like yoogggghurt, I like yoogggghurt. (Bring out the mousse monster). Oooooo I like caaake, I like caaaaaaake!!

It’s a winner.  My husband, The Cyclist enjoyed it too.  He’s started a new job which he can cycle too, so he’s happy about that.  I hope returning home to cake makes him even happier.

I baked these beauties too, just to make sure we’re all high up on the happiness scale. Orange and oat muffins, essential to be served with a cup of tea.