She Got Lost….Again.

Whilst we were on our camping trip last week, I thought I’d be keen and take some running kit. I thought ‘I’ve been running some hills for a while now, I don’t mind them, just take it easy, I quite enjoy it’.  Those were not hills, they are mere canal bridges in comparison to these hills! We’re talking about the High Peak here, in particular, Kinder Scout.

I ran up the path from the campsite, this is the Pennine Bridleway. I hurt, I felt sick, I felt like a failure, I had to walk.  It wasn’t until I (eventually) came back down the path later that I saw this sign.

Ahh that explains it a little more. So anyway I got to the top, the view was brilliant.  I didn’t intend to go onto Kinder, just on some of the footpaths around it.  At the gate I saw this.

Ohh poop, not more cows.  I adjusted the plan to go up this path.

Hmm not an attractive option, but this is what I’m willing to run up to avoid cows. I was pleased I took this route though, it wasn’t too bad and the view at the top was again lovely.  I’m starting to think anything looks lovely at the top of hills, lack of oxygen to the brain I’m sure, but not cows they never look lovely, unless viewed from the other side of a sturdy 5ft high dry stone wall.

I then started a gradual descent over the fields with no idea where I was going.  I thought I’d better head back in a similar direction from which I came.  I saw a footpath heading into some trees. Now that looked good! Unfortunately almost every track got cut off by fallen or chopped trees. Eventually the track disappeared.

Ok, so I’m lost, but at least it’s a steady downhill and I know the campsite is somewhere in this direction. I came out of the trees to yet another great view, but also found another steep path which had a higher summit than the last one.  That eventually led back to an earlier path.

All was well.  After all the scrambling through trees and struggling up hills I only actually ran just over 4km.  My next run was on the road to the Hayfield village and back, a few hills but at least I didn’t get lost.