Aaarrgghh!! What is that?!?

It’s ok, I’ve found out it’s an electrical appliance which revolutionized the 20th century with its de-wrinkling ability on clothing, commonly known as an iron.

It’s been in a box for a number of years, but this week I found a use for it.  Whilst walking down the shopping street in the village I came across these.

Iron on patches, used for patching holes in trousers etc, reduced to £1 from £3.50 each.  I thought a more fun thing to do would be for the boys to design their own t-shirt with them, not a lot of designing required, but it would keep them quiet for 20-30mins.

I bought two white t-shirts from the supermarket, 75p each! This morning I explained to the boys what we were going to do.  I explained the iron is hot and can be dangerous.  I may have overdone it with my ‘hot, hot, hot, ouch, ouch, ouch, burn, burn, burn’ scenario, so much so that The Fireman decided this was far too risky a job and he left it to me.

The Farmer got upset about having to let go of the patches and had a tantrum when the evil iron flattened them onto his new t-shirt.

So a lesson learnt, teach them to be cautious, but not to be scared, a difficult balance. I also learnt by the end of the day that white t-shirts and boys are not compatible.

Bye, bye iron, see you again in a few years, maybe.