The Aston 10k

My second 10k completed!  What a great race.  It was such a lovely route, in fact so lovely I re-ran part of it again today to show you some pictures.

My aim for this race was to beat my 1hr 1min time from the Derby 10k.  I was suffering with some horrid virus for the Derby 10k so figured I should be able to beat that time and I did! 58mins 6secs, so I’m very pleased with that, those hills have been helping loads. What I also aimed to do was try and keep my km’s under 6mins, which I did for all but 1km.

Avg Pace
1 5:41.6 1.00 5:42
2 5:49.8 1.00 5:50
3 5:40.3 1.00 5:40
4 5:49.8 1.00 5:50
5 5:56.0 1.00 5:56
6 6:08.7 1.00 6:09
7 5:55.8 1.00 5:56
8 5:44.9 1.00 5:45
9 5:53.6 1.00 5:54
10 5:22.5 0.99 5:25

It was perfect weather for running, bit of sun, little bit of a breeze and the route went in and out of shade just right.

So, the race.  Stood at the starting line proudly wearing my Team Derby Runner vest, I made sure I didn’t go out too fast.  When I  ran a 5mile race a few months back, I didn’t realise until the the end of the first km I was running a 5.10 km average pace, that is wayyy too fast for me.  So this time 5.40 was just about right.  Then 2km in I felt a little hungry, oh no not so soon! I thought porridge, toast, a banana and a slice of soreen would be enough for a race that started at 10:45am.  But no that’s not enough for my mega metabolism obviously, so with a grumbling belly I persevered on.  At 3km I started getting stitch, again.  Getting stitch really makes me anxious when I’m running as I find it so crippling, I don’t know what causes it, maybe just inexperience?

I tried to forget about the roaring belly and the stabbing pains, not easy, but running through a beautiful bluebell woodland helped. After the woodland it was down a track and onto the Trent and Mersey canal heading towards Shardlow.

It was hot running down here, but back over the canal and onto another track and it felt like a mild gale force wind in my face. We ran back past the starting field and started a second lap through the woodland again.  At just after 6km I had a second wind and felt like I could up the pace.  I went from 6min/km to 5.45min/km and eventually for the last km 5.25min/km and felt really good still. Eventually back into the starting field where I was greeted with cheering from my husband and boys who ran along side me for a few metres.  I could hear my husband in the background shouting ‘stop now boys that’s enough running’ they are very keen, looking back seeing the poor little Farmer limping behind was such a sweet sight.

Next up, the Sinfin Classic at Elvaston, all being well.