A Remake of the Earthquake Cake

I thought I’d make a cake with the boys yesterday (as if we hadn’t eaten enough at The Farmer’s party, but anyway).  The Farmer had been given a new cooking apron from Airport Grandma (so called because she lives near an….airport).

It’s something to keep them occupied, they can learn about food and we (usually) get a  great result that we can scoff.  So I decided to make an earthquake cake, I’d seen it on Creative Noshing’s blog and it looked like big chocolatey goodness.

I’ll be honest I’m not a great fan of dessicated cocount, but I thought if it’s covered in chocolate cake it’ll be yummy (and it gets rid of the half pack that’s been on the shelf for months).

We didn’t have a great start The Farmer wanted his two donkeys and we only had one, so there began a huge tantrum.  We found it and all was well in the world once more.  So we tried again.  It got messy, very messy.

It was at this point I just gave up trying to limit them to what they could do, i.e,  stop them eating the cake dough and wiping it all over each other’s face, before it’s even reached the tin.  I figured, they’re not being naughty they just want to have fun and so they should, that’s what being a child is all about.

I didn’t have a box mix, so based the cake on a Victoria sponge omitting at least 50g of flour and replacing with cocoa. The boys sprinkled in the nuts and coconut, The Farmer was very keen on eating this, so the quantity was reduced to approx 3/4.  The donkeys also enjoyed this part.

As mentioned, we tested the cake mix and decided it needed to be more chocolately. So added about 100g of melted dark chocolate.

For the cream cheese part I found about 1/5th of a pot of cream cheese and 1/4 of a pot of ricotta in the fridge so used that.  Basically I just made this bit up.

Now all of the cake was assembled I whooshed the boys to the table for a bit of painting, as often The Farmer gets upset about the cake going in the oven, he’s a little impatient, like his mother.

Beep, beep, it’s READY! Wow it looked amazing.  The boys accepted that it needed to cool.  By mid afternoon, the tantrums and meltdowns started again.  The suggestion of cake in the bath sent them straight upstairs half undressing themselves. Ahh that was easy! They ended up with soggy cake crumbs in their hair after, but nevermind. It was slightly disturbing when the bath had drained away and The Fireman is sat there chewing, I say ‘What are you eating?’, he replies ‘a walnut’.  It’d been at the bottom of the bath for about 30mins, mmmmm.

We ate more after dinner, this time with custard and we’ll be eating cake and custard again tonight, if not before…..